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We have experience working on many different projects for various clients and have processes and templates in place, which we can leverage to save time and effort. We are proud to share some of our most impactful cases!

OUR Projects


* Forecast dashboard

* Sales rep attainment dashboard

* Opportunity conversion rates

* Data hygiene report

* Gong based key words and frequency report and conversion rates

* Sales compensation costs – Monte Carlo simulation


* Analyze campaign metrics and build a conversion funnel

* Website and social media dashboards – Impressions, visits, engagement, conversions

* Generate audience list for campaigns, identify prospects with a higher likelihood for conversion

* Touchpoints and attribution - Setup tracking tool and generate dashboards

Product Management

* Feature usage metrics for product plans and investment roadmap definition

* MAU and customer activity dashboard

Customer Success

* Time to first usage, by feature

* Product feature adoption

* Customers with decrease in product usage


* Win- Loss analytics for pricing strategy validation

* Discount analytics – quantity vs discount scatter plot

Customer Support

* Red customers, executive dashboard

* Support dashboard with metrics on cases opened, number of cases by rep, mean time to resolution, customer sat scores etc.


* Engineering dashboard based on data in Jira

* QA dashboard

* Support cases and engineering status

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