Price It Right: How Win-Loss Analytics Helped Improve Pricing Strategy

Mar 14, 2023 | Case Study

Business Objective

The project aimed to offer the right discounts based on insights gained from analyzing previously won and lost deals.

The Approach

The approach involved using Salesforce CPQ for pricing purposes, coupled with a transformation built by Scalefresh to integrate data from accounts, quotes, quote lines, account teams, and products. Information on the product, quantity, list, net, and discount from both won and lost deals was collected and a scatter chart was developed to visualize won and lost deal info by time. Filters were enabled to analyze the data by geography, account segment, sales team, close time periods, and route to market.


Sales leaders, account executives, and pricing teams gained a deeper understanding of the correlation between product quantity and discounts across both won and lost deals. The number of deals with non-standard discounts was reduced and ARR improved.

Data Tools Used

  • Snowflake
  • PowerBI
  • Matillion
  • Fivetran

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