Professional Service, Support and Training Attach Metrics: Identification & Visualization

Dec 05, 2020 | Case Study


The client’s leadership launched a new initiative to drive higher attach of support, services, and training products to core software subscriptions. Scalefresh was roped in to design the attach algorithm, build data workflows, and create dashboards to visualize attach rates and attach revenue.


  • Enriched product master to add product classification – Support, Services, and Training
  • Designed logic to calculate attach metric for each customer and their booked subscription orders
  • Handled different sales timeline scenarios e.g. all products sold together vs sold separately within a specific time window
  • Built a data model to add hold the attach indicators (Yes or No) and attach revenue
  • Developed charts and cards to visualize attach rates and attach revenue


  • Shared attach rates and attach revenue insights with executive leadership
  • Enabled sales and marketing managers with the data to drive higher attach rates

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