In-DB Querying: A Brief Guide

Sep 25, 2020 | Article

Have you ever had trouble working with large datasets? Are you frustrated having to move large datasets from a data warehouse to the workstation that has your analytical tools? Are you still using slow ODBC/JDBC connectors? You need to consider using modern data analytics tools with in-database query capabilities.

What is In-DB querying?

Analytical tools with In-Database querying ability enable users to run queries or perform data transformations directly within the data warehouse, effectively using its parallel compute infrastructure.

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How does it benefit you?

  • Fully utilize the compute power of the modern data warehouses, i.e., faster workflows
  • Avoid data transfers and associated time/costs
  • Access other corporate datasets for your analytics workflows, e.g., sales may want to access marketing and customer service datasets

Best Practices (Alteryx specific)

If you are planning to use Alteryx IN-DB features for your analytics workflows, here are some best practices:

  • Filter your data in the “Connect In-DB” tool or as early as possible in the workflow
  • Try avoiding “select * from” a table or bringing the entire table
  • Limit the use of In-DB Browse or Data Stream Out tools
  • Use the cache feature to speed up development but remember to turn it off

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